I know nothing about fitness. I somewhat recently fell in love and gained some love lbs. I am determined to keep the love but lose the pounds. I started going to the gym on Thursday, July 23. my friend/trainer, andrea, started me on her regimen.
  1. Thursday is leg day.
    IMO, I killed leg day. My legs felt like jello afterward and I liked it. I felt I deserved some frozen yogurt after too. I'm pumped. I already want to go back to the gym. hell yeah fitness !
  2. Friday is yoga day.
    feeling sore but I'm pretty good at yoga. it's the only form of exercise I've done intermittently over the last few years. I did yoga, my legs feel nice and a little less sore.
  3. Saturday is do something outdoors day.
    I can't move. I tried getting out of bed and fell on to the floor. I googled and checked List, it seems like this is normal soreness for the abnormally out of shape. it's referred to as DOMS. I checked to see how much it would cost to get Postmates to deliver some icy hot, it's too expensive. I crawled back into bed. am I still supposed to go hiking today?!
  4. to be continued
  5. oh ya, I cancelled my gym membership