1. game of thrones
    every day is just another day until you're back in my life
  2. broad city
    like game of thrones, forever in anticipation
  3. how to get away with murder
    watched the entire first season in 1 day, thx u Netflix. ❤️
  4. the only way is essex (also known as TOWIE)
    the greatest reality television in existence I can't get enough, there is nothing better than this. can't wait for season 16 !!!!!!
  5. grey's anatomy
    144 seasons and counting, I'll still hooked 🎣
  6. pretty little liars
    cult addiction I can't stop the madness any more than they can
  7. the leftovers
    it's back!!!
  8. Girls
  9. the hills
    @ConorTripler suggested this and I pushed back, I can't believe I ever tried to not watch this
  10. Seinfeld
    I'm trying v hard to finish the series so I can quit giving Hulu $10 a month to watch commercials, but I'm also secretly trying to prolong it forever cause I don't want Seinfeld to end
  11. masters of sex
    Lizzie Caplan, u r a goddess
  12. Ray Donovan
    "fak u Ray" "fak u Mick" "fak u Abs"
  13. arrested development
  14. portlandia
  15. true detective
    season 1 was better ya ya ya I'm still a fan
  16. togetherness
    I watch so much tv
  17. once upon a time
    I blame my 16 yr old little brother for this
  18. narcos
    now obsessed w Pablo Escobar
  19. vampire diaries
    this is getting embarrassing
  20. orange is the new black
    thx Netflix
  21. house of cards
    what I didn't like abt it at first I now love, just like my bf
  22. the office
  23. there's so many more I'm gonna stop for now
  24. X-Files
    do do do do DOO DOOOOO
    Suggested by @ConorTripler
  25. the killing
    just got taylor hooked on this 48 hours ago. we're already in season two. cause, y'know, we really needed another show
    Suggested by @ConorTripler