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Well, I don't even need to do this. I'm sure it'll be all Taylor Swift. My name is totally not a surprise when doing searches. *Cue Squad Goals.*
  1. Am I right? I'm right.
    But seriously... She's so damn cool.
  2. Taylor Swift. Red lips. Surprise!
    ... Not really.
  3. Shut the front door. There's another Taylor out there?!
    #teamwolf #sparkles
These were all super random. I scrolled down the list and tapped whatever showed up. Thank the Lord there was no poop pictures.
  1. Blurry evil dog picture.
    Seriously. She's evil.
  2. My cute boyfriend reading to his cute niece.
    She read the word "pink" incorrectly about 800 times. "Pienk," no Sloan. Pink. "Pienk."
  3. The Simpsons Tapped Out Game is literally incredible. Play it.
    But only if you want to lose precious hours of your life.
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