1. I could use a new tiny notepad for $1
  2. Oreo's for $2.99. Must have
  3. Wow these boots look good
    ...On the rack. Sorry, not for $44.99.
  4. These books are 20%. I have to have them!
  5. It's already 3:00? I got here at noon
  6. What did I come here for?
  7. This home decor section is basically my Pinterest in real life
  8. I need to win a Target shopping spree
  9. Can everyone just get me a gift card to Target for Christmas?
  10. But really, what did I come here for?
  11. I'm thirsty and there is a Starbucks so might as well
  12. Wow, look at all these cute crafty things I could make for the holiday's!