1. Trying something new with the person I love
  2. Making a child smile or seeing them improve
  3. When he smiles the smile that can melt the coldest of hearts
  4. Checking my bank account and seeing money still in there
  5. Being in love with a guy who makes me forget about all the things that keep me up at night
  6. When my boyfriend talks to me about things he is passionate about and when he opens up
  7. Being stuck in traffic but not caring because my playlist is on point
  8. Throwing my day's agenda out the window just because
  9. The people in my life who make an effort to listen and show they care unconditionally
  10. Hearing about ground breaking science or technology and the lives it will change for the better
  11. Unknowingly giving someone great advice
  12. Making time to read and then once I do, finishing a great book
  13. Running farther than I thought I had in me
  14. When a perfect stranger strikes up an interesting conversation
  15. Kicking ass on an assignment
  16. Being able to share a hobby with my boyfriend