1. I bite string cheese
    I don't peel it. Vile. I, as a civilized, adult female, refuse to choose the eating method that involves the most frequent contact of the food with my hands. Namesake means jack shit when LISTERIA is out to play
  2. I separate my eye lashes with a safety pin and do nightly face moisturizing regimens
    Somehow I'm still Rly gross!
  3. I have a blanket that I put under my face when I sleep cus it bothers me to breathe hot air into my face but for some reason smelling that blanket evokes a really strange catharsis for me
    When I do this, it really freaks people out
  4. I like to walk around with huge uggs and really tiny shorts
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    Makes me feel like a j pop star. No qualms about opening the front door like this. And I'm aware of how weird my leg shape is.
  5. My music taste is not only really bad, but also really repetitive
    I play songs fuckin OUT. Hope future hubs likes foreigner
  6. Sometimes I watch YouTube videos to cry
    Which everyone does but I like to watch natural birth videos. Seriously I break down. It's such a happy amazing thing.....I can't think about it too much in public or I start crying
  7. I once described the size of a guys dick as "nothing to write home about."
    Aligning him with my college campus' Thai restaurant and my first impression of birdman
  8. Chewing lucky charms marshmallows makes me shiver
    Like nails on a chalkboard
  9. Sonned in a jimmy johns once
    Thought really hard about alt j