whoops haven't listed for a while, here's what's going on
  1. I'm headed to Ghana within the next few weeks!!!!
    I'm super excited for this opportunity to spend an entire year immersed in a new culture and contributing to creating sustainable livelihoods for local youth there!!!
  2. I have a boyfriend ???!!
    (kind of) were both pretty relaxed and so not putting labels on it since I'm moving away for a year
  3. My family is moving
    my parents are so excited and I'm so releaved they'll have something to do in terms of renos and redecorating and unpacking to help them forget that their daughter is living alone (for the first time) in a developing country lol
  4. I'm a broke ass bitch
    seriously I should have got a job a few months ago but I knew I was leaving so I wanted to make the most of my time hahahha whoops what can ya do
  5. I'm happy!!!!!