Requested by @LauraM
@LauraM so excited to do this!!! thanks!!
  1. Hanson has been my fav since I was like 6! I had posters and books and of course CDs. Obviously Taylor was the best because we have the same name
    I had the biggest crush on him but also wanted to look like him because he's the prettiest. Started parting my hair in the middle everyday
  2. Also when everyone started loving the Jonas Brothers I was like um ok but Hanson is 3 brothers and did it first and is way better?????
  3. Two years ago I saw them in concert at the casino in Halifax. Its such a small venue and they were amazing!!!
    so grown up!!! Taylor playing piano was the most attractive thing I've ever seen
  4. Anyway here are my fav Hanson songs!!!!
  5. Where Is The Love
  6. I Will Come To You
    Definitely established my love for sad/ slow songs
  7. Weird
    Especially loved this video cause it seemed like magic
  8. This Time Around
    Always stuck in my head
  9. Penny and Me
    Made me want to change my name to Penny duh but such a great summer romantic song
  10. Give A Little
    Didn't listen to them for a while, but my aunt (who also loves them) showed me this song in 2010 and I was so excited and proud of them plus such a catchy song and video
  11. Get The Girl Back
    heard this for the first time at the concert and loved it!!
  12. BONUS: What Christmas Means to Me!!!!!!!!
    Snowed In is without a doubt my favourite Christmas album. I have two copies of the cd just in case something was to happen to it. Every song makes me feel Christmassy and happy!!! I listen to it year round