Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. boston pizza spin dip
    to enjoy while opening this great surprise
  2. sample of every tea from davids tea with spreadsheet to rate each one in different categories
    minus any with cinnamon yuck
  3. shomi, hulu, hbogo and any other streaming accounts i may need to never run out again
  4. new evidence proving steven avery's innocence!!!! it's out there give it to me i know what to do with it
  5. a list of mysteries/ cold cases and necessary means to solve them
    can u tell being a detective is my dream job
  6. $1000000
  7. my oma's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
  8. books im guarenteed to love
  9. new pjs
    preferably boxer shorts and a grey hoodie you can never have too many
  10. coconut m&ms
    are these not a thing anymore??? if anyone knows pls share
  11. mahogany teakwood candle from bath and body works
  12. some great memories i had totally forgotten about
  13. perfect gift ideas for everyone i love so i never have to stress about it again
  14. WORLD PEACE thank u