I've been reading through old lists about IUDs and insertions and have done lots of research and now its time to make a decision!!
  1. My main reasons for getting an IUD: not great at remembering to take my pill, I like the 99% no pregnancy rate, my new insurance doesn't cover bc (😒) so long term it's less $$
  2. My options are Jaydess, Mirena and the copper IUD
  3. Quick overview: Jaydess can last for 3 years, Mirena 5, and copper 10-12
  4. Besides the amount of time Jaydess and Minena are super similar
  5. I first started taking pills when I was about 13 because I was in competitive dance and wanted to be able to skip periods (wasn't having sex so that didn't matter) when I had competitions
  6. I used to get very emotional during menstruation and took "personal days" every month because of bad cramps/ feeling lousy
  7. I was on one pill for three months (don't remember which one) and was extremely bitchy and moody
  8. Switched to a low hormone pill that I've been on ever since (7 years) Apri
  9. So I guess my big question is whether to go for a hormonal IUD or the copper
  10. Copper is less $ which is cool, but im a little scared to be totally off hormones because I've been on them (albeit a low dose) for so long that I don't know how heavy my periods will be without it
  11. Hormonal IUDs are more expensive, but last longer and if I follow through with my plan to travel/ move to a developing country for 6+ months it would be ideal to not have to deal with prescriptions and possibly losing pills
  12. I'm also on Prozac for depression which obviously helps with balancing out my mood
  13. ANYWAY this is all stuff I've talked to my doctor about and have another appt Tuesday to make my decision but I am an super indecisive person and have to hear everyone's opinion before I make a choice
  14. so any info/ experience/ recommendation is welcome!!!!
  15. but maybe no horror stories (or leave out crazy details lol)
  16. thank you!!!!