(not counting anything I've seen before) rated 1-5 📽
  1. spotlight 📽📽📽📽📽
    perfect about of detail/ background info to the story to educate you but not become overwhelming or hard to understand. also mark ruffalo has the same mannerisms and is so much like Alex Karev from greys anatomy!!!!!! but super good movie loved it
  2. true story 📽📽📽📽
    I love movies based on real life and crime movies so I knew this would be good.... nts: order michael finkel's book
  3. the martian 📽📽📽📽
    good movie!!! idk how realistic everything was because i know nothing about space or science or farming but felt possible?? also so crazy when they're making plans to get to him and it's like "quickest we can be there is 9 months" like mind boggling that space is that far!!!! scary
  4. her 📽📽📽📽
    loved the story, hated scarlett johansson's voice!!! I get that evolved technology wouldn't sound like siri but it was too casual or something idk
  5. the theory of everything 📽📽📽📽
    finally my first movie with eddie redmayne and I love him so much!!! a little slow, but told a great story. I love Jane what an incredible person.
  6. the gift 📽📽📽📽
    I love mystery/thrillers where I don't guess the ending right away!!!! only complaint is that jason bateman's marriage doesn't seem real?? like they don't seem comfortable with each other at all even from the beginning idk wasn't feelin that
  7. interstellar 📽📽📽
    pretty good, but I'm just not a fan of sci-fi, but so heart breaking knowing how much time had passed crazy to try and think about
  8. four brothers 📽📽📽
    medium believable like 400k doesn't seem like enough to make all those guys turn their backs on that other guy?? fav part was when he told the cop he was wearing a wire but he wasn't SMART got em good
  9. the oxford murders 📽📽📽
    sounded better than it actually was... not big into math so some stuff went over my head but original story and good ending
  10. top gun 📽📽
    not into plane action, also hardly paid attention so might be better than what I got from it but who knows
  11. the mexican 📽📽
    ok, kinda funny but kinda predictable (except that one twist!!) julia roberts is just such a great person
  12. the boston strangler 📽📽
    movies about true crime are my fav but this wasn't good lol I didn't realize how it was (60's?) and it hardly told the story!!! very violent, which doesn't usually both me but this was in a weird way idk not a fan
  13. 6 years 📽
    typical, made me feel bummed out and icky