this will show you how lame my life is
  1. I was chosen to make one of these dumb drinking games for a friend's bday
  2. I'm also in charge of decorations (her bday is the 17th! double the celebration!)
  3. brownie in a mug, don't need this cause I make it everyday and obv have it memorized
    try it plz also ice cream is a must not optional
  4. babysitting
  5. me and my pup
  6. don't remembers who's list but this is #1 on my buy list
  7. comparing
  8. really into rupi lately
  9. God bless my dad
  10. my support group #ripsnape
  11. hahaha lol
  12. targeted fb ads
  13. gets me everytime
  14. I must have liked this song lol
  15. also this one
  16. omg a little too into vine songs for a while
  17. my sis can't spell
  18. me
  19. my mom calling me out on insta 73 weeks after it was posted hahahahhahaha
  20. shit
  21. asked my sister to get me a bowl of sorbet (I was just be conscious of what I was eating) she meant diet, still can't spell
  22. ugh but still bought the ipod (classic for $50!!!!!!)
  23. my dad thinks he's funny
  24. hahahhaha meant to say some lol deleted
  25. chillin with a minion