aka embarrassing selfies but I rarely get embarrassed!!! it's great
  1. taking selfies and then a mosquito landed on me!!!! had to take one for the team and let him bite to get this A+ humorous selfie
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  2. got a little carried away while drinking and listening to the best songs from 2009 with my bffs... didn't see this til the next morning and it was the greatest wake up possible
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  3. 2015 was the year of swag
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  4. my sis fell asleep on the plane (she looks especially dead because she got a spray tan before going to Cuba??? logic: by the time the fake tan wears off she will be real tan underneath)
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  5. throwing hunits hunits (my mom was pissed I put that in my mouth she thinks 100s are dirtier than any other bills but no way they're the real deal)
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  6. half the pics I take are selfies with my dog but this is an all time fav (never posted anywhere because I'm embarrassed at how white his teeth are compared to mine??? frig u sax)
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  7. tried to take a genuine smile selfie by forcing myself to laugh and this is the outcome... it has a filter cause I was gonna insta it anyway but it's more bad pic then funny pic
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