something I came across earlier this year that really resonated with me
  1. stop saving things for special occasions!!!
  2. eat the brownie on your way home from work
  3. use a bath bomb on a Tuesday night
  4. light an expensive candle while binge watching tv
  5. use fancy dishes to have cereal
  6. wear a new dress while you're running errands
  7. because when we save these things for special occasions we subconsciously tell ourselves that
  8. A) our day to day lives are not worthy of something great
  9. and B) you don't deserve a treat unless you've reached a certain level of sad/low/hurt/boredom/desperation/helpless/whatever you're waiting for
  10. this doesn't mean buy 20 new pairs of shoes at a time or order takeout every evening
  11. and using stuff as motivation or using something sparingly is ok!!!!
  12. but remember life is short and it's no fun to sit around waiting for the day that you think you finally "deserve" a cool experience or treat
  13. so grab a fancy bottle of wine and watch an old movie by yourself because you deserve it!!!! :)