Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. background info: after high school i moved about an hour away to a university in the city but didn't love it and dropped out after first semester and have lived at home since (im 21)
    with my parents and younger sister
  2. one day this summer i was hanging out at home with my two best friends, talking to my mom and sister
  3. one of my friends mentions that they don't have godparents
  4. my mom shares that my sister and i have diff godparents
  5. i say "yeah but if something happened to you and dad we'd both go live with aunt tina right?"
    my moms sister, not either of our godparents but i remember having this conversation when we were much younger
  6. friends laugh, mom and sister look at me
  7. friend says "i think after you're 18 it's ok for you to not have a guardian in that situation"
  8. everyone laughs
  9. I am taken by total surprise, never even occurred to me that i would be expected to be responsible enough to not only look after myself but also my sister???
    she's 19, not like id have to actually look after her
  10. big day for me
  11. however since this will god forbid hopefully never happen i don't have to actually be an adult
    hallelujah cause im not there yet