1. that you can bite through your finger as easily as a carrot but your brain keeps you disciplined and doesn't let you
    I think my sister told me this once and I believed it cause you can't prove it wrong!!! like probably your finger bone is not that easy to bite through but nobody actually wants to bite their finger off so WHO KNOWS (still kinda believe this obviously)
  2. you have to hold your breath while driving past a graveyard
    or else spirits will get you duh
  3. you can't go into the bathroom at exactly midnight!!!
    in my head this is called the Devils hour (even tho it only counts for 1 min, 12:01 is a ok) nooo idea where this came from!! I was extremely scared of Bloody Mary after a chain letter in gr 2 so possibly stemmed from that
  4. you get the best tan on a cloudy (but not overcast) day, while laying by water
    my mom still swears by this, it was only on vacation in cuba last year that me and my sister started to question that this wasn't scientific fact (maybe it is, never looked into it)
  5. that the tv would pause if I shut it off
    this was over quickly when I thought about how many tvs are in the world and how hard it would be for everyone to coordinate watching at the same time
  6. i would be responsible for breaking my mothers back if I walked freely
    this made me a slow walker for a while but now I just naturally avoid cracks without even thinking about it!!! better to be safe than sorry
  7. "supposed to be" was "essposdebly"
    until middle school when I wrote it and a teacher corrected me, still pronounce it this way though
  8. if you pee in a pool it turns green (from chorine and chemicals obviously)
    100% honest I have never ever peed in a pool for this reason and I am still not convinced this wouldn't happen.... imagine how embarrassing it would be not risking it PLUS PEEING IN POOLS IS GROSS it's not ok how many people are ok with doing this (lakes/oceans are fine)