and don't really want to tbh im OK living like this
  1. boats
    example: cruise ships! like 99% of the stuff on the boat would sink if it was in the water by itself but all together on the boat it floats??? don't get it don't wanna
  2. time
    more specifically why is there 60 mins/ hour and not 100??? everything should be in multiples of 10 or 100 it would make everyone's lives more simple
  3. lightbulbs
    don't get it too much science how does that small bulb cause something makes the room visible in the dark. am I making things more confusing? prob
  4. chemistry/ physics
    if it wasn't obvious i am not a science person and somehow got through high school without taking any chemistry or physics classes. a common thing for me to do is ask my sister if something is chem or physics related (examples: mentos and coke, every other thing in the world)
  5. pyramids
  6. space
    can't even start thinking about it my head hurts
  7. pets
    like why is a cat a normal pet and not a cow??? who first decided this
  8. patterned fabric
    like does someone put this fabric together??? is it a stamp I dunno
  9. ok that's enough because I do not want to come across as ignorant or stupid!!!! I'm just blissfully content not knowing this stuff