i realize most of these are just things ive thought up due to extreme laziness
  1. accio
    definitely the spell i wish for the most
  2. bladder transfer
    like if my friend goes to pee and i also have to pee i could transfer my pee to her since she's gonna go anyway. is this gross??? it would rock and id do it for u so please take my pee
  3. bank up showers
    for example if i had a few hours of free time i could shower 5 times in a row and then i would be good for the next 5 days (prob would be too lazy to shower 5x in a row anyway so maybe 1 shower per day makes sense)
  4. the food microwave/ maker from spy kids
    someone invent this
  5. Bank up sleep too!!
    Like when you're not busy you can sleep for like 14 hours straight and then spread that out over the next few days when you don't have as much time for sleep
    Suggested by @shreyasaurus
  6. Not due to extreme laziness but man I wish Hogwarts were real.
    Suggested by @natashac