Requested by @biz
physically and mentally
  1. staying in bed too long after waking up
  2. not finishing a movie
  3. sleeping with socks on
  4. wearing a shirt under a hoodie
  5. wearing leggings for too long
  6. seeing people eat foods I dislike
  7. when people use the word retarded
  8. smudged glasses (drinking and seeing)
  9. opening gifts in front of whoever gave them to me
  10. people opening gifts I've given them in front of me
  11. talking on the phone
  12. zoos
  13. dreaming that I'm mad at someone and then seeing that person in real life
  14. itching my leg while wearing jeans
  15. having an unproductive day
  16. long fingernails
  17. correcting someone
  18. upper lip sweat
  19. having to pee but not wanting to
  20. patterns that don't match up
  21. rereading this list!!! I'm going to make a tea and snuggle up and watch a good movie