1. in exactly 59 minutes i have a skype interview!!!!!!
  2. it's with eqwip hubs, an awesome initiative from Canada World Youth and Youth Challenge International
  3. It's a volunteer position for 1 year (!!!!!) at one of the "hubs" in either Bolivia, Ghana, Indonesia, Peru, Sengal or Tanzania
  4. there's a few different roles but the one I've applied for is Trainer/ Facilitator, who is in charge of creating and delivering skills and training workshops to local youth, creating outreach and awareness programs, creating and overseeing events, and leading educational experiences
  5. I have experience in leadership through courses, volunteer work and paid positions
  6. I've also travelled to Kenya to work in an orphanage, giving me experience a foreign culture
  7. This is such a cool program and something I would absolutely love to do!!!!
  8. Check them out www.eqwiphubs.org
  9. And wish me luck!!!!!
  10. also I used this as a way to make sure I really understand what the role entails and was able to explain it to someone else 😎
  11. 53 mins!!!!!!!