Inspired by everyone that came before me. (mostly @roaringsoftly)
  1. Heeeey, I'm Taylor. This is my face.
    My high school English teacher once told me that my smile made me look like I was carrying a hatchet behind my back, always at the ready to kill someone. So that's cool.
  2. I'm currently live & attend school at a small town in Wisconsin, although the place I call home is an even smaller town.
  3. I'm twenty two, & growing up, I always thought that I would be married (or at least settled down in a LTR) by now.
    I now have crazy anxiety over these things. I'M STILL A CHILD, BASICALLY. I DON'T NEED A HUSBAND YET.
  4. I quote 'The Office' on a daily basis. More often than not, it makes whoever I'm talking to feel uncomfortable or awkward. I thrive in these moments.
  5. I currently have little-to-no direction in life. I have no idea what I want to do or where I want to live.
    I'll figure it out. It's just stressing me out until then.
  6. This is the first app I check in the morning & the last one I check before I go to bed.
    It's been a process to acclimate myself to how friendly & open people are on here. Unlike other social media apps, it's ENCOURAGED to go back to people's first lists & give them love. I adore this community. It makes me feel infinitely less alone.
  7. My lists mostly consist of tv, music, tv music, & feelings of all sorts.
  8. I'm excited to see so many new listers out there.
    Feel free to say hey or drop a request. 🌚