1. PRO: I am so ridiculously burnt out right now.
    The mere THOUGHT of going to class lately exhausts me. I feel emotionally drained. An educational break might really do wonders for me.
  2. CON: I only have one (maaaaybe two) semester(s) left.
    Logically, it makes the most sense to just push through.
  3. PRO: I absolutely love my job.
    I could work 40 hours a week, no problem. This would allow me to save lots of money.
  4. CON: I would be financially cut off from my parents.
    I know that the majority of people my age are putting themselves through school, but I have incredible parents who didn't want me to have to worry about that, so they pay my school bill, as well as many other bills. I'm not sure I want to be my own sugar mama just yet.
  5. PRO: I think it would make me happier.
  6. CON: what if I don't go back?
    I'd like to say that OF COURSE I would return, fresh-faced, after a semester-long hiatus, but I just don't know. I've never seen my life panning out without that degree in hand.
  7. PRO: It would improve my grades (I think).
    I'm currently so disinterested that I'm rocking academic probation. So it has to get better?
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