Inspired by @polarpops & @magic
  1. A print I want in my house.
  2. Jedidiah Jenkins writes incredibly beautiful words on Instagram. Most of my screen shots are the captions to his photos.
  3. They got divorced & I needed the proof to send someone.
  4. Important question that I'm trying to remember to ask myself when I get upset & feel like the world is shitting all over me.
  5. If you don't follow Dallas Clayton on Instagram, you're missing out on the chance to add a little sunshine to your day.
  6. computer lab hours. referred to many, many times.
  7. The black on black makes me all 😍
  8. who do I have to fuck to get one of these?!
  9. Kirk (Sean Gunn) has our cat's twin. I had to send it to my roommate so she could freak out accordingly.
  10. This song came up on Spotify weeks ago & I wanted to remember it. It's now on replay.
  11. I have so many diy apartment hacks saved. I have finished approximately none of them.
  12. I love HoNY. & this lady is a freaking genius.
  13. I might have an actual crush on these sheets.
  14. My sister mid-sneeze.