Inspired by @mirthnuts & @kcupcaker
  1. when my favorite song comes on the exact time that I start my car.
  2. the first few weeks of fall when all of my favorite tv shows come back
  3. sliding into clean sheets with freshly shaved legs
  4. watching someone experience 'the office' for the first time
  5. waking up without the aid of an alarm & having an entirely free day ahead of me
  6. purchasing a brand new planner 🙌
  7. the way my whole body tingles when I take the first sip of a well-made iced coffee on a scorching hot day
  8. sitting at the perfect distance from a campfire where it's not chilly, but my legs aren't melting either
  9. someone I love texts me nice words out of the blue
  10. when there's a get-together at my house & i'm surrounded by the people I love in the place that I feel safest