No spoilers, please. I'm just beginning my foray into this wonderfully dark show.
  1. Um, excuse me ma'am, could you get off your phone & hold your crying child?
  2. Whaaaat the fuck just happened?
  3. Heeeeey, Justin Theroux's wang in his sweatpants.
    also, was that a fanny pack? also, way to go Jennifer Aniston.
  4. Is that Buddy Garrity?
    FNL for lyfe.
  5. Is this a cult? Or..?
    Amy Brenneman is beautiful & amazing & I love her in every role she plays. Even strange ones where she seems to be abandoning her children.
  6. Oh good. The bachelor still exists in whatever universe this is happening in.
    We wouldn't want to deprive anyone of that.
  7. The soundtrack is 💯
    Per usual with HBO shows.
  8. Is the cop married to cult lady?!
  9. Why are the cult ladies stalking that other pretty lady?
  10. WHAT ON EARTH is this strange 'spin the iPhone' game.
    Choking? Burning? Fucking? Back in my day, we would spin a bottle then awkwardly kiss with our eyes open.
  11. This kid looks like a poor-man's Taylor Lautner.
    Still hot. I'm just saying.
  12. Who is this Wayne fella?
    How is he unburdening people? Where do I sign up?
  13. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED so far. How do I have 27 minutes left?
  14. Uh, did Chief Garvey just leave his house in shambles? Okay. Seems sensible.
  15. Welp. The "where were you when" convos.
  16. So...the cult stalks people until they join them?
    so confused. Why can that head-honcho lady talk? Why do they chain smoke?
  17. What the hell is the significance of the dogs? And the deer? And the old guy who keeps shooting the dogs?
  18. Oh dear. The cult is converging.
    Shit's about to get real.
  19. Woah. This show is so heavy. I may not be able to binge-watch it.
  20. But seriously. The soundtrack. 🙌