I bow down to the goddess that is Alexandra Patsavas & it is my DREAM to work at Chop Shop Music Supervision/Records. This is basically a love list to her.
  1. Grey's Anatomy
    Most of my playlists are composed of music that I found by watching Grey's.
  2. Scandal
    Grey's only beats this out because it's been on the air longer. The music on Scandal is amazing & always dance-worthy.
  3. Hart Of Dixie
  4. Supernatural
    I mean. 🙌
  5. Chuck
    I watch this show purely for the music. It's usually on in the background of homework or tumblr browsing. I don't actually know anything about the story lines.
  6. Gossip Girl
    SO MANY NY based bands. 😍
  7. Vampire Diaries
    I gave up on the story lines two seasons ago. But the music game still brings it every week.