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  1. Environmental mastery
    The ability to successfully navigate the world
  2. Scope creep
    When the scope or purpose of a project or initiative becomes unintentionally larger than originally intended
  3. Pre-traumatic growth
    Finding gratitude and deepening relationships and appreciation before inevitable or improbable traumas (See "Option B" Sandberg & Grant)
  4. Skeumorphism
    The design concept of making items resemble their real world counterparts. Commonly used in user interface (UI) web design, architecture and interior design.
Inspired by @bjnovak himself
  1. Kombucha
  2. Footy on a Saturday afternoon
  3. Dates (the food)
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  1. There are defined rules for what time you're allowed to begin drinking
  2. Your Team Slack Account auto-deletes old messages
    Because you're not ready for Enterprise
  3. You share tool logins
    (Salesforce, Intercom etc)
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According to my NJ native manager
  1. Bagels are their main fare
  2. Judge Judy on the TV
  3. Sweet old lady behind the counter taking orders
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Clearing cache..
  1. I need a new bed
    Preferably Queen, no understorage
  2. Should I put a corner shelving unit in the SE corner?
  3. Self massage should be a 2X daily REQUIREMENT
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Is there a better first list?
  1. Say "No" more often
    Stick to your mission- not theirs.
  2. Take care of yourself
    Make it a priority- physically, mentally, emotionally.
  3. Be more mindful
    LISTEN to how you're feeling.
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