A List of Things I Didn't Realize Were Uncool Until the Moment My Friend Gloria Sneak Dissed Them

She keeps me young
  1. Crop tops and high waisted denim shorts (pictured: my friend Gloria and me, wearing crop tops and high waisted denim)
    "Like when I went to Bonaroo [the year before] we wore high waisted denim shorts and crop tops every single day. I'd never do that now, but it's just what we did then!" I went home and had to completely re-pack for Coachella
  2. Wedges (pictured: my friend Gloria and me, wearing wedges- you'll have to trust me on this one)
    "Isn't it weird how we used to, like, wear wedges out? We'd just put them on with our outfits and wear them and it was a normal thing" I had worn wedges the weekend before she said this, and I haven't worn them sense
  3. Peplum shirts (pictured my friend Gloria and me, with me in a peplum shirt)
    "Chrissy Teigen tweeted the other day about how she wishes peplum would just die already- SO true" ...and my peplum shirts have been hanging in my closet ever since.
  4. Pictures where you're just posed and baring your teeth (pictured- my friend Gloria and me, me clearly not knowing what to do with my face if not smile)
    "Her Instagram isn't cultivated at all. It's all just pictures of her smiling."
  5. Flash Tats in "normal" places (pictured- my friend Gloria and me, temporary tatted up)
    "I was looking at this tastemaker's insta account and she had an amazing set of flash tats in the most minimalist way. Like forget wrapping it around your wrist, she had it running down her spine." ***Please note the tattoos in this picture also glowed in the dark
  6. Outerwear tied around your waist purely for style (pictured- my friend Gloria and me with a jacket tied around my waist for fashion, not function)
    "Yeah the event is 18 and up so you just know there's going to be so much flannel tied around waists. Teens, man."