This is a perfect request by @quixotic because I spent the entirety of 2015 wanting to high-five people in the face. The difficult part is narrowing it down to 5.
  1. Those times people caused flights to be diverted because they argued over reclining seats?!?!
    I wasn't on any of these flights (thank god!) but seriously?! This is a level of ridiculousness I will never be able to understand.
  2. Lollapalooza
    This was an incredible experience, but my god, the people. So many non-sober hooligans. Specifically, the 4 college kids who were drunk out of their minds and had no concept of personal space and seemed to have just discovered the concept of making out who were in front of us while we waited for Walk the Moon-- @egkeller can back me up on this one.
  3. That time my ex did...
    anything. Literally anything.
  4. When I was traveling to the most sad funeral and nothing worked out
    I was flying in February and I had a layover in Baltimore. Flights were majorly delayed, but the airline PROMISED our flight would wait for us. It did not. So I got a hotel room for the night and a flight the next morning. On the shuttle to the hotel a creepy man significantly older than me started hard-core hitting on me. Asked me to get a drink at the hotel bar and everything. And all I wanted was to be left in peace to get to my best friend's father's funeral. It was a ROUGH time all-around.
  5. Anytime anyone wrote, said, or did anything hateful or ignorant about women's rights
    I'm talking hateful acts against planned parenthood, ignorance about abortion, dismissal of equal pay and representation, etc. This was basically every moment of 2015.