I'm at a concert alone and getting bored waiting between the opener and headliner
  1. The couple next to me that's sharing all about their terrible ex's and bad breakups
  2. The women in front of me who lost their premo seats when they went to get drinks.
    So many thoughts here. One of you should have stayed to save the spot. You are too trusting. Also I'm a little jealous I didn't grab that spot myself
  3. The bartender
    She really doesn't seem like she's having a good time
  4. People sitting on steps
  5. People in chairs
    Like I know you're happy you snagged a seat but how will you jam out?
  6. The stage guys
    Everyone hates you when they think you're the band and then you're not. Hazard of the job, I guess
  7. Everyone else
    Seriously all these people should be jealous they're not me