Instead of cleaning them I will publish a list of them
  1. The largest pile of laundry I've ever amassed
  2. Empty 30 oz goldfish box
    All eaten by me
  3. 3 glasses for water
  4. 1 wine glass
    Honestly I'm shocked it's only one. I must have cleaned recently.
  5. Dirty bowl and plate
    From dinner on... Sunday?
  6. 2 packages of DoubleStuf Oreos
    One empty, one 75% full
  7. 4 library books from August
    1 read, 3 unread
  8. A collection of essays about Gilmore Girls
  9. My cut Lollapalooza wristband
  10. 5 pairs of sunglasses
  11. Takeout container from last night
  12. Hand towel from the kitchen because we don't have napkins or paper towels
    Also it's covered in wine stains because...well because it is.
  13. 5 empty Lush containers
    Gotta trade those in for a free face mask!
  14. The packages and bubble wrap from various things I've received because the recycling bins are SO far away
  15. A mug with Mike Wazowski's face on it
    One of the few items I've kept from my ex-boyfriend