Also you can hear my opinions about most of these things in my podcast, Worst Friends Forever!
  1. Gilmore Girls
    Absolutely obsessed, heart mind and soul, will defend it to my dying day.
  2. Friends
    I am a huge huge fan. I'm also glad I didn't get into this until my early-mid 20's because it's been weirdly relatable and super helpful for dealing with my life.
  3. Grace and Frankie
  4. West Wing
    Also a huge fan, and it has some of my favorite characters ever.
  5. Jane the Virgin
    SO obsessed, following the current season avidly
  6. The Mindy Project
    So I think I really love watching this show...? It gives me lots of emotions, which I hate, and the characters are all kind of terrible, but I think I love it?
  7. That 70's Show
    I have a very weird obsession with this show.
  8. Orange is the New Black
    I really love this one too, but it stresses the hell out of me.
  9. Master of None
    You should definitely watch this, it will give you so much to think about! And make you feel okay with who you are and where you are in life.
  10. House of Cards
    Some of the most intriguing characters ever.
  11. The Office
    Hilarious. Classic.
  12. Wet Hot American Summer
    It was good, worth a watch, some very funny and talented people, but not one of my favorites.