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i have so many books. more books than i could read in 3 years probably, but I NEED MORE. I WANT TO READ EVERYTHING.
  1. Tender is the Night
  2. The Brothers Karamazov
  3. Metamorphosis
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  1. i ran + played tennis with my dad
    i'm so proud that i ran today!!!
  2. i practiced yoga!
    after running + tennis i came home + utilized some of the yoga, mindfulness, exercise apps on my phone (i downloaded 15 today. i'm determined. i also have commitment issues) and did full-body yoga!!!
  3. i logged the food i ate + exercise i did into the lifesum app
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daily reminders to be grateful for this life in January
  1. 1.
    The start of the new year + all that it encompasses
  2. 2.
    My mom's homemade broth
  3. 3.
    Orange + spice herbal tea
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  1. Be gentle with myself
  2. Don't have unrealistic goals + expectations
    start small!! start somewhere!!
  3. Forgive myself
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  1. Nancy From New On - Father John Misty
  2. I Hear You Knocking - Dave Edmunds
  1. watch wes anderson's oeuvre (i know. fake.)
  2. drink an entire box of bigelow's 'green tea with lemon' tea
  3. try a multitude of soups!!! now's your chance!!!! (new discoveries include lentil soup with roasted veggies. 10/10)
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  1. books
  2. a hot bath
  3. people to meet and fall in love with
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what i struggle with the most
  1. leaving
  2. starting over
  3. loving
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I'm not afraid to admit that I almost wish I could change my name once a year just so that i could experience having these sweet names
  1. Maude
  2. Alaska
  3. Katerina
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this is out of order and, once again, questionable grammar usage and i barely capitalize anything so ... enjoy! THIS ISN'T EVEN CLOSE TO BEING DONE
  1. Pure Heroine (Extended) - Lorde
    This album was my 2013, 2014, 2015, and is my 2016. I know every single word to every song. I scream the lyrics to Ribs, I cry to White Teeth Teens because of the sheer nostalgia I feel listening to it, and I will never ever ever be tired of The Love Club. This album makes me feel a myriad of feelings ranging from euphoria to epic sadness and hopelessness and that's not a bad thing. To me, art should always do that and this album is ART in the purest (haha get it ... pure) form.
  2. 19 - Adele
    Fun fact: I listened to this album every time I took a shower at my best friend's, Lily, house this summer in Colorado. super specific and it was always incredible. I actually forget about this album from time to time and when I come back to it I am constantly blown away. Every song is magic in one way or another. Daydreamer makes me feel idyllic and in love with a man and Hometown Glory makes me me feel in love with a world that i've yet to truly experience. Everything in between is ✨✨✨
  3. Amy Winehouse
    Amy is very important to me. I love her more than I could ever find the proper words to say and put into a coherent thought. She played such an intrinsic part in navigating the addiction that im surrounded by. It's like I can feel her pain and heartache and all of the emotion portrayed in her songs. Her voice is soul wrenching in the best way. That's the only way i can describe it. I love Amy so much. I miss Amy so much
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