daily reminders to be grateful for this life in January
  1. The start of the new year + all that it encompasses
  2. My mom's homemade broth
  3. Orange + spice herbal tea
  4. The sleep i'll hopefully be getting soon
    it felt very hard to be grateful today
  5. My mom's spontaneous chocolate cupcake baking!
  6. New beginnings
  7. Antique shops
  8. Wal-Mart's return policy
  9. Winter break
  10. Lavender bubble bath + lotion
  11. Sleeping in + breakfast in bed
  12. Facetime
    the ability to facetime my friends from 500 miles away makes me feel a little bit closer to home
  13. When my pup (Ozzie) doesn't lallygag + goes to the bathroom in a timely fashion in the mornings before i have class
    i think he does it because we're super in sync + in love with each other plus he just KNOWS
  14. Gibson
    my age old stuffed dog that means the absolute world to me
  15. My mom's homemade burgers
  16. Working
    I just started at Panera and who knew taking Drive Thru orders would be so fun
  17. Training discounts
    100% off of a cream of chicken + wild rice bread bowl + any pastry i want?? is this heaven?
  18. Wednesday late start + short classes
    for some reason there seems to be an astronomical different between a 45 minutes class + a 55 minute class
  19. The Great Gatsby
    if you can bounce high, bounce for her too
  20. Catching up on sleep, sleep, sleep
  21. My unyielding interest in government + current events
  22. WOMEN
  23. Upholding intellectual conversations
  24. Hours long target visits
    also, pizza
  25. Mindless television to pass the time
    love the bachelor
  26. work, work, work
    i work at panera!!
  27. FRIYAY!