I've been on here for a while and never done one of these yet...my bad.
  1. My name is Taylor Geiger. This is me in my office.
  2. I am 23 years old.
  3. I got married to my high school sweetheart last August.
  4. This is a bit random, but I love being young and being married.
    I get to adventure with my best friend..I mean who could say anything bad about that?
  5. I am from Manitowoc, WI.
    No, I don't know Steven Avery
  6. I am the Campus Minister at a local Catholic High School
    I plan retreats, prayer services, service projects, and liturgies. I am also always available for the students to simply talk.
  7. Passions: Theology, philosophy, The Office, social justice, good food, good wine, and good cigars.
  8. Influences: Dr. Cornel West, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, C.S. Lewis, Pope Francis, Pope John Paul II
    I'm sure there's more but I'll just leave it there.
  9. I have a deep and genuine desire to make this world a more peaceful and compassionate place. So let's work together to make that happen.