Requested by @ChrisK
Thanks @ChrisK!
  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Roald Dahl is a genius. The worlds he created are all so fantastical and I want to be a part of them all, especially a world with Willy Wonka's chocolates.
  2. Boy by Roald Dahl
    It's no wonder Roald Dahl thought up such imaginative worlds; his life was crazy too. I remember reading Boy, his autobiography, after all his novels when I was a little kid and realizing what a rascal he was in person.
  3. Yes Please
    Another autobiography, but gosh, to live in Amy Poehler's book. I WANT TO BE HER FRIEND SO BAD. I'd say @mindy's books too, but I've yet to read them sadly.
  4. L.A. Confidential
    The murders, the corruption, LA in the '50s. This story had me on the edge of my seat throughout and the movie did it justice too.
  5. Rules of Attraction
    Like LA Confidential, I watched the movie before reading the book. I fell in love with the movie, instantly. I want to be an overprivileged college kid wasting my life away while being a total prick who only cares about myself.
  6. Great Gatsby
    1920s, the parties, the fancy houses. Sign me up.
  7. Jane Eyre
    Eh, I'd pass on the traumatic childhood but to be Rochester/Fassbender's governess turned love, yes please. (Edward Rochester and Michael Fassbender are interchangeable for me). Give me a Byronic fella and I'm settled.