But not the actual actors who play them.
  1. Mark Darcy
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    I'M OBSESSED WITH FIRTH AS DARCY, ESPECIALLY BRIDGET JONES' DARCY. From his facial expressions to his reindeer sweater, everything is perfect. I loveee him, just as he is 🤓
  2. Fitz Grant
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    Fitz is my child. Looking up pictures of him rn, I don't find him attractive at all. But five minutes into Scandal and he calls Liv up, OHMYGOD I'LL MARRY YOU, FITZ. I'LL BE YOUR LIV.
  3. Ben Wyatt
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    I've said this a million times because it's true - Ben Wyatt is me but also I want to marry a Ben Wyatt. He's so nerdy and obsessed with his calzones it's hard not to love him.
  4. Matt Murdock [UPDATE 12/27/15]
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    By the first episode of Daredevil, he was my baby. He's so hot with sunglasses on but w/o he's just aight. I love him so much and I'm so glad I started Daredevil. Only two episodes left and I stared it this morning oops
  5. Lou Solverson (Season 2)
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    As in Patrick Wilson, not the old guy in the first season (who I love though as a grandpa). First started the season thinking dang Patrick Wilson is smoking why hadn't I noticed him before. Looked him up and he was just eh. Lou though 😍
  6. Nick Miller
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    Idk what it is about Nick Miller. Maybe it's his turtle face or his tendency to moon walk away from awkward conversations. Whatever it is, I'm a fan.
  7. Danny Castellano
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    Watching Mindy Project the second time around w my friend I realized Danny is basically a more successful Nick. They're the main characters best friend who's rude at first but then become close to her. They both have a sweating problem and commitment issues bc of exes. AND they both break it off w the loves of their lives bc they don't want to risk their great friendships. So I guess that's my type lmao
  8. Matty from 13 Going on 30
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    Young Mark Ruffalo is bangin but since Mark's like my dad's age, I can keep Matty the photographer in New York and leave Mark the Hulk as a great actor I love but not attracted to