I love celebrities and I fangirl so hard with any interaction I have, no matter how small. God bless you BJ for liking my list. - BTW if you see this list too, I love this app; I'm already obsessed.
  1. Meeting "YTF" and hugging Chester See
    I had a YouTube obsession phase. 😂
  2. Joseph Vincent tweets me happy birthday
  3. Booboo Stewart answers my question in a video
  4. I feel like there's other low key ones in between these but I can't remember specifics.
    So it obviously wasn't that significant haha.
  5. High-fiving LA Lakers
    Pau Gasol, Nick Young
  6. Meet Freddy the ribs guy from House of Cards
    In New York City at a Duane Reades. He was buying donuts.
  7. Pass by Billy Eichner while he's filming Billy on the Street
  8. See Jeremy Renner and Tom Cruise during a premiere for Mission Impossible.
    It was at the TK Steps and I had to go through a mob of people to even spot anyone.
  9. @bjnovak likes one of my lists
    This means so much to me, good Lord.