I LOVE THANKSGIVING (FOOD). And this is my traditional Thanksgiving meal.
  2. Turkey
    Fried (I think) by my dad
  3. Lechon
    My grandma makes the pork
  4. Mashed Potatoes
    Mom makes the mashed potatoes. Super creamy and great
  5. Gravy for turkey
    Made by dad
  6. Gravy for lechon
    Made by grandma
  7. Cranberry sauce or slices
    My dad and I used to make cranberry sauce together but now we mostly use canned cranberry slices which is just as good
  8. Brussels sprouts and bacon
    Dad or grandma
  10. Sweet Potato Soufflé
    My mom makes it. My favorite dessert ever but I only eat it on thanksgiving and only eat my mom's soufflé.
  11. Coffee
    Black coffee to cut the sweetness of the dessert
  12. Pumpkin pie drowning in cool whip
    Definitely put more cool whip than pumpkin pie, as it should be.
  13. Some flavored cool whip my uncle found
    Last year was chocolate. This year was coconut (and it was delicious).
  14. Pecan pie
    Costco bought by grandparents.
  15. My uncle's apple butter pie
    He makes it every year but I never eat it haha