1. Eataly and Madison Square Park and Flatiron Building and dogs and babies and friends. Ugly picture and a beautiful picture.
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  2. Yogurtland in New York was so special that I haven't gone to one since I've been back home because I know it won't live up to the last ones I had.
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  3. First day our Medical Science class really bonded. Took the subway to Brooklyn by ourselves and met up with the group. It was super humid and super fun.
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  4. So many things tugging at my emotions in this. I sent this to my friend because I missed her and it means the same thing to her as it does to me.
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  5. My grandma can't use chopsticks, but when she orders miso soup she always tries to use them anyway.
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  6. I keep this in my phone because learning to navigate and use the subway is one of my proudest accomplishments.
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  7. A mediocre edit that made the last Daily Pigeon at NYCE'15 edited by yours truly.
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  8. I mean, look at baby #drake
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  9. Freshman year when I went to the boardwalk with Mikayla. She screams so loud.
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  10. My smile is genuine and that day was beautiful.
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  12. Shake Shack alone is enough of a reason to go back to New York.
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    Shake Shack LA '17 I'm waiting on you
  13. The Brooklyn Bridge simply makes me happy and I like this photo I took.
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  14. ROSCOE'S
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  15. Fassy smoking, drinking, smiling, breathing, walking, talking, singing, living, doing anything makes me happy
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  16. MERP
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  17. I made a Christmas card of me photo bombing a family in Vegas. I still smile every time I look at it.
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  18. This one's kinda cheating but here are a bunch of my favorite things in one photo. What's not to love? (Photos following are in this but deserve more explanation)
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  19. One of the last photos I took of my dog before he died. We grew up together.
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  20. My favorite team. Super nostalgic especially since I can't play this year.
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