These aren't rhetorical. I'd like answers -- looking at you master @shondarhimes #scandal #tgit
  1. Where is the Grant's dog?
  2. What happened to Tom? Is he still in jail?
    I miss him.
  3. Are Leo and Abby still a thing? Why?
  4. How long can this fairytale season five last?
  5. Are Cyrus/Fitz being shady and have other agendas now that the band's back together?
  6. Now that Cyrus is back, will Ethan be back too?
    I also miss him.
  7. Why is Jake still on the show?
  8. Seriously, explain his relevance.
  9. Why hasn't there been a TGIT crossover yet like the legendary Disney channel ones?
  10. When will we see Vermont again?
  11. Why hasn't Idris Elba been on the show?
    Someone needs to get on this
  12. Did Mellie ever love Fitz for real?
  13. Did Cyrus ever have a crush on Fitz?
  14. Why isn't Perd Hapley covering the president's affair?
  15. Why is Olivia's wardrobe so amazing and Mellie's so eh?
  16. Will Olitz get married in S5?
    Seeing the promo for 505(?maybe) worries me but I know we always have misleading promos.
  17. Will they have a rushed marriage?
    I mean I'll take it but I want their wedding to be an iconic moment for this show.