I love Daredevil and Matt Murdock and Charlie cox and everything about the show Daredevil
  1. Exhibit A
    (Black shades) Sunglasses Matt is hot and confident and hipster and cool
  2. Exhibit B
    Sunglasses Matt is even bada$$. Look at those cuts - makes him look tough
  3. Exhibit C
    But sunglasses Matt isn't too cool. He's still adorable and still Matty. Look at him hold his balloon
  4. Exhibit D
    (Red) Sunglasses Matt is clever and dapper. He looks like he's thinking really hard; he's in his zone, in control
  5. Exhibit E
    No sunglasses Matt is much more revealing. Eyes are the window to the soul and in this picture they're showing Matty either concerned or maybe just squinting because the sun is too bright
  6. Exhibit F
    Okay, here no sunglasses Matt looks amazing. But still not up to par with chill, no cares sunglasses Matt
  7. Exhibit G
    Biggest pro to no sunglasses is his eyes are so beautiful. Nevertheless, no sunglasses Matt is sad and when Matt's sad, I'm sad
  8. Exception
    Sunglasses Matt and no sunglasses Matt become irrelevant. Work, Matt, work. Let me do my laundry on those washboard abs please
  9. Bonus Fetus Exhibit 1
    Ah baby college Matt looks kind of like young Paul Rudd. He may not know what to do with his hair and he hasn't realized circular glasses make him look way cooler, but fetus sunglasses Matt is still precious
  10. Bonus Fetus Exhibit 2
    Aw baby baby Matt is so so sad. Poor little fetus is scared and in pain and confused. I can hear him screaming and crying in this one and see the pain in his eyes. No no no I can't take it
  11. Conclusion
    Need to end on happy Matt. Both sunglasses Matt and no sunglasses Matt are great because they're both Matt but sunglasses Matt is so cool and collected whereas sunglasses Matt is way more telling and heartbreaking (normally)