77% of the photos on my phone are screenshots... Here are the most appropriate
  1. Lolz... Dads. Ammiright!?
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  2. That time I was shown on the news socializing !!! THERES PROOF
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  3. Valentine's Day spent buying underwear with my BF (best friend)
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  4. Fast Sunday.
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  5. Yes Please!
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  6. Thanks but no thanks for the censor JB
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  7. You'll never guess who this is.... 😏
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  8. Word on the street...
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  9. I have a disease
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  10. PREACH @mindy PREACH
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  11. My dad asking for an explanation when I ordered a "Grow a Boyfriend" and boyfriend pillow.. I think it's pretty self explanatory
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  12. Love those new snapchat filters...
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  13. It was very hard narrowing it down to only ONE screenshot of my BF
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  14. I might be dead for posting this.
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  15. BC YAS
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