2016: a photo for each month

Wake me up when this year is over. Inspired by @avecsarah
  1. January
    My best friend Jeff and his old bandmate Kenji playing their 10 year reunion show at the Troubadour! That night felt like the best and biggest high school reunion.
  2. February
    This art piece used to make me super emotional and when I needed to clear my head (which was often), I would walk up to the park and sit right near it. I think they have since removed the piece and I'm still sad about it.
  3. March
    My little cousin Ruby "cleaning up" on Easter.
  4. April
    One of my favorite professors, Dr. James Crossen, passed away. We had always connected over Maugham & Dylan Thomas, so I bought him a collection of short stories by Maugham, and he gave me a book of poetry, featuring Thomas. The day after he passed, the book just so happened to topple off my bookshelf while I was cleaning it, so I sat on the floor crying & reading poetry for hours. It was a cathartic moment.
  5. May
    After a terrible few weeks, my mom and I went to Palm Springs for a restorative, relaxing vacation.
  6. June
    My 28th birthday was full of surprises and a ton of love.
  7. July
    Matt and I went to see Brand New at the Forum. My 8th BN show!
  8. August
    It was a hot month that produced few photos, so here's Stewart.
  9. September
    Sigur Ros at the Hollywood Bowl 😍
  10. October
    Liza and Iskr came up from Mexico to visit!
  11. November
  12. December
    To close out a monumentally shitty year for both of us, Kyle and I went to Harlowe and laughed for hours and hours. He loves to take photos when I'm not ready for it. I have at least 5 years worth of photos of us that look almost exactly like this one. I suppose it's kind of endearing.