Inspired by @summeranne
  1. I'm Taylor
  2. My parents decided on the name Taylor after they heard some other parents yell at their child at the beach
    They also got engaged over Subway sandwiches. This explains a lot.
  3. Right out of high school, I went to Musicians Institute, then worked in the music industry for 3 years
  4. Now, I work for a non-profit that provides pro-bono reconstructive surgery & emotional support to victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, & other cruel acts
    You may be wondering: "How did you go from marketing crappy music for labels to this?" It wasn't hard. This is 800 times more rewarding.
  5. I'm a 4th generation Angeleno and I have a deep, abiding love for my city
    We are rare.
  6. Reformed emo kid
    Well, kind of. Here's a standard "awkward photo of my friends and I with the band" at Warped Tour (2004)
  7. Dorothy Parker has been the single greatest influence on me as a woman & a writer
  8. I love film noir
    Really, I love any film pre-1970, but I have a special place for both film noir and Hitchcock.
  9. I'm always reading 1-3 books at a time
    Non-fiction > fiction
  10. At age 9, I truly believed I was going to marry Zac Hanson someday, so I sent him a refrigerator magnet for his birthday
  11. I talk about sex a lot
    It comes with the territory.
  12. May or may not be the non-fiction version of Elaine Benes
    I don't say grace, I love big salads, won't date anti-choice men, and I hated The English Patient.
  13. Ok maybe I'm just one glorious mashup of various Julia Louis Dreyfus characters come to life