I'm having major list block and I hate it. Here's a preview of some things that may never come if I don't get my shit together:
  1. Social expectations around love, dating, & sex that I find ridiculous
  2. Why burlesque is feminist as hell
  3. Things aliens would find questionable if they descended upon earth
  4. Relationship advice I find myself giving out too often
  5. Times my mother says I'm most like my father
  6. The women at the Algonquin Round Table
  7. An Angeleno's guide to basic tinder photo locations
    Melrose angel wings, Paul Smith wall, street lamps at LACMA, table & chairs at the Broad, a mirror at the gym
  8. Movies watched for the first time in 2017
  9. Extracurricular activities my parents tried to get me into
  10. Bravo stars I see around more than my own family
  11. Top 5 "Desperado" tracks (or 5 songs that make me pause)
  12. Fictional women who influenced my feminism
  13. Questions about monogamy
    I've been contemplating this a lot lately, but the list itself only has one bulletpoint and it just says "WHY?"