Favorite Spots in Hollywood

Most of us Angelenos hate Hollywood, but there are some spots that need to be appreciated
  1. Larry Edmunds Bookshop
    Give me 3 free hours, and I will spend it here. You'll probably find me on that ladder. Come here to find any book on the performing arts - biographies, history, reference, anything. They have lobby cards, film posters, and so much more. The whole staff is made up of film buffs. There's one guy in particular who seems perma-stoned, until you ask him about some obscure horror or noir film, then his face lights up and he rattles off facts at lightning speed.
  2. Dearly Departed Tours & Gallery
    Scott Michaels is a true crime touchstone. He knows anything and everything about this city's dark, sometimes twisted history. Scott is very accurate (most tour guides don't fact-check or do any research whatsoever), and he will have you laughing more than you ever expected. Visit the gallery (it's like a mini-museum with some quirky and incredible items), and please, I beg of you - go on the Helter Skelter tour. You'll be glad you did.
  3. Boardner's
    Alright, so it shows its age and it's a little dark and depressing. However, Hollywood doesn't preserve much history, so I'm glad they kept this place. Elizabeth Short (The Black Dahlia) was a regular at Boardner's, and this is the place where Ed Wood met Orson Welles in "Ed Wood."
  4. Egyptian Theatre
    Egyptian > Chinese. Screw the footprints. I go here to watch old films in a theater setting, although I prefer its sister, the Aero. They give tours, and often, they'll do screenings of new films and hold a Q&A panel with the director, actor, and/or writer afterwards. If you love film, join the American Cinematheque: www.americancinematheque.com
  5. Amoeba Music
    Does this need an explanation? See you in the vinyl section 👋🏻
  6. Frolic Room
    Another staple. Right next to the Pantages, the Frolic Room has been there since the end of Prohibition! One of my favorite dive bars in the city.
  7. Yamashiro
    I know they closed it down for two days to put in all new staff and management, and I am in full agreement that this was a TERRIBLE IDEA. That being said, the view is spectacular and it's worth a visit, at least. Here's hoping the new management brings back the Farmers Market, which they promised (but I'm not holding my breath). I'll probably still go here, if only for the view.