1. One of my colleagues is on trial this week for laughing during Jeff Sessions's confirmation hearing: http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_59076a93e4b05c3976810a3a/amp
  2. When a senator remarked during the hearing that Sessions had a "well-documented" history of treating "all Americans equally," she laughed. She didn't interrupt the proceedings, but they arrested her anyway.
    She has been protesting against Sessions for decades, so if anyone is well-acquainted with his racist, anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, it's her.
  3. This should concern you for many reasons. The DOJ under Sessions brought charges against her to make an example about of her. In essence, they're saying: "You have a right to free speech as long as it aligns with the views of this administration."
    Also, he lied under oath and no one is bringing charges against Sessions for that. During Obama's State of the Union address, a Rep. congressman yelled "YOU LIE!" and nothing happened to him.
  4. Here's what I've found out working for an activist org led by women: men hate when women use their voices. All of our dissenters are white men from the Midwest who call us bitches, whores, and that dreaded c-word that I can't even type out. I sift through those messages and calls every day. They weigh on my psyche.
    In fact, I have been struggling with a bout of depression that I couldn't explain until I started to put the pieces together.
  5. But I'm scared for our country's future. This is fascism in its purest form, and I don't think we are doing enough to fight it. I understand that we are all tired, but how can we stand by and passively accept this?
  6. Use your voice. Put your body on the line for those that are oppressed. Petitions and marches and donations are great, but they might not be enough anymore.
  7. Update: Des, Tighe & Kenny were all found guilty this morning of disorderly conduct and parading assembly
  8. We have started a petition to the Attorneys General to object to this decision. Hope you will all sign it! www.codepink.org/truth_is_not_a_crime