1. I don't know about you but I hate taking selfies. I do it rarely, as I'm very hard on myself about my looks so I hate every photo that I'm in. So when I do take them, and I don't hate the results, I want to celebrate. Join me please.
  2. Static
  3. Let me see all of your beautiful faces and tell me a bit about what you're doing this weekend!
  4. 💕💕💕💕💕💕
  5. Enrapt by The Leftovers, enwrapped in an afghan, did not realize flash was on.
    Suggested by @roche
  6. Drunk skeezy punk bar selfie. Low~~|
    Suggested by @jennifergster
  7. Trying to look surprised. Duck face unintentional.
    Suggested by @MichaelRose
  8. Apologies for the hanging laundry and my USC t-shirt.
    Leaving for SF in one day-doing all the projects necessary for smooth transition before giving in to our vices. Which includes spending, eating and drinking too much.
    Suggested by @angela3950
  9. At the salon with a particularly fetching foil ensemble.
    Suggested by @summerallen
  10. Relaxing at Diva HQ, I probably should be reading a book instead of playing with filters on my phone.
    Suggested by @Diplomatic_diva
  11. Finally washing my hair after waiting two days for the color to stick baking, and getting ready to leave for vacation.
    Suggested by @elmospimpingme
  12. 11:45am and still in my jammies.
    I'm gonna be productive today...eventually!
    Suggested by @jhope71
  13. Static
    grimacing at the degree of perceived difficulty in making an "outfits in motion" selfie while on a morning walk
    Suggested by @andersun
  14. It finally cooled off here in Texas
    So I'm bravely venturing to the outdoors
    Suggested by @karlalucia
  15. Coffee & sunshine!
    Happy Monday, li.st friends!
    Suggested by @NicoleO
  16. Hello I accidentally fell asleep while binge-watching Great News.
    I only have 3 episodes left though!
    Suggested by @sarahmccoy
  17. Static
    After a fun weekend away from the kids, I spent the afternoon/evening cleaning & huddling on the floor in a corner of the kitchen by the cabinets (my default location when I need to cower away from my loud family)
    Suggested by @dreadpiratemama
  18. My parents camped out this weekend so I popped by to enjoy the breeze and the trees.
    Suggested by @amieshmamie
  19. Watching Superwings before bed
    Suggested by @designordie
  20. Was cleaning then got sucked hardcore into the Scrubs marathon
    Don't mind the starting-to-peel sunburn and headband found whilst cleaning
    Suggested by @supercommonname
  21. Mom & I celebrating my husband's new job & our subsequent move home! 🍾
    Suggested by @theemilywest