I have many
  1. Hates romance and rom-coms / Loves soapy dramas and the 1994 movie Only You
  2. Doesn't like the color yellow / Wears a lot of mustard-colored sweaters
  3. Short-circuits at the first sign of cold weather / Desperately wants to go to Iceland
  4. Wears dresses about 8% of the time / Owns more dresses than pants
  5. Struggles to understand the benefits of monogamy / Keeps striving for monogamy anyway
  6. Social anxiety / Has no problem approaching men to ask them out
  7. Not vegan / Spends a lot of time eating vegan food
  8. Does not want kids / Great with kids
  9. Has a fantastic DVD collection / Can't stop watching Hulu
  10. Despises arrogance / Dates narcissists